Multicultural Experiential Learning in Music Therapy Supervision


  • Jessica Donley



multicultural training, supervision, experiential learning, music therapy


Although music therapists have discussed the importance of multicultural training in supervision, few approaches and applications have been developed to assist music therapy students and professionals in moving towards multicultural competence. Multicultural experiential learning is an approach that supervisors and supervisees can utilize to learn and maintain multicultural skills across the supervision continuum and throughout their careers. This paper explores the responsibilities of supervisors and supervisees who participate in this approach as well as recommendations to determine supervisee eligibility. The role of music in multicultural experiential learning is also discussed to provide opportunities to enhance these types of experiences. Examples of multicultural experiential learning and their instructions are provided for qualified supervisors who want to learn about this approach and implement it in their supervision practice.

Author Biography

Jessica Donley

Jessica Donley, MMT, MT-BC received her Master’s of Music Therapy degree from Appalachian State University in 2017 along with a certificate in Systemic Multicultural Counseling. Her interests include multicultural training, Chinese culture, culturally-responsive music therapy, and ethnography. 



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Donley, J. (2020). Multicultural Experiential Learning in Music Therapy Supervision. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 20(1).



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