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There will be a review of the book Essentials of Music Therapy Assessment by the author Dr. Gustavo Schulz Gattino, published for the first time in Portuguese in 2020. The parts of the book and some fundamental concepts addressed in each one will be examined. Relevant topics that were of interest to the reviewer will be highlighted, as well as a possible practical application of some content. It will provide a general notion of the context in which the book was written and disseminated in the music therapy community and its relevance to the discipline today.

Author Biography

Nuria Inés Alicia Marsimian, Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The author has a degree in Music Therapy from Universidad del Salvador, Argentina. She has completed a Hospital Career in Music Therapy and Medicine at Rivadavia Hospital in Buenos Aires. She was a music therapist for the Developmental Disorders Team at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires. Since 2014 she has been Director of Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Postgraduate Course at the Italian Hospital University Institute. She was a teacher in the Music Therapy Career at Buenos Aires University. She has training in Microanalysis, PECS Program, ABA Model, Functional Behavioral Analysis, DIR Floortime Model, Denver Model and Mindfulness. She works privately as a music therapist for different populations since 2006.



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Marsimian, N. I. A. (2022). Review of the Book Essentials of Music Therapy Assessment. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 22(1).



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