Vol 14 No 1 (2014)


Susan Hadley, Katrina Skewes McFerran, Brynjulf Stige
New Voices, New Beginnings

Original Voices

Helen Brenda Oosthuizen, Michael Viega
A Tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Julian Winn O'Kelly, Wendy Magee, Alex Street, Jörg Fachner, Adèle Isabel Drake, Joel Cahen, Teppo Särkämö, Hanne Mette Ridder, Monika Jungblut, Ruth Melhuish, Dale Taylor
Music Therapy Advances in Neuro-disability - Innovations in Research and Practice: Summary Report and Reflections on a Two-Day International Conference
Patrice Dennis, Daphne Joan Rickson
The Leader of the Band: A Case Story of Community Music Therapy on a Hospital Ward for People Who Have Dementia
Bergen Open Access Publishing