An Interview with Dr. Dag Körlin

Discussing Music Breathing




Music breathing, Dr. Dag Körlin, interview


For many years, Dr. Körlin, a well-known practitioner and primary trainer of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) has been developing the practice of Music Breathing (MB) as an adaptation of GIM. A semi-structured interview was conducted in English to deepen the learning experience from the MB training with him. The first part of Dr. Körlin’s comprehensive training program for MB was started in 2019, and since then more and more GIM therapists have been encouraged to practice MB clinically. A brief description of stages in MB, rationales behind this development and other innovators in adapting GIM techniques specific for psychiatric population are reviewed. Following the content of the interview transcript, the author will identify key merits of this technique and provide a web link to a short video clip for the purpose of promoting MB to clinicians and the general public. In conclusion, MB is a useful asset for music therapists.

Author Biography

Wei Wah Angela Shum, Abundant Wellness Co. Ltd, Hong Kong

Angela Shum has been a registered nurse for more than 10 years, working in health care setting across different countries and cities, including Hong Kong, Canada, and the US. Her nursing clinical experience has been extensive in various settings, including hospital, nursing home, and university.

After she earned her master’s degree in expressive therapy (specializing in music therapy and mental health counseling), she worked as a music/rehabilitation therapist at the Provincial/State hospitals in both Canada and the US. She has experiences working with clients with dementia, gambling addictions, stroke/traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, and in forensic psychiatry. Presently, she is residing in Hong Kong doing private practice, with her passion of promoting Focused Music Imagery, Music Breathing, GIM and Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®), and educating health care professionals, particularly psychiatric nursing about using these approaches for wellness.



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