A History of the Music Therapy Profession

Diverse Concepts and Practices


  • Yumi Tahara Showa University of Music


profession, history, diversity


 A History of the Music Therapy Profession: Diverse Concepts and Practices, written by Kerry L.Hyrniw Byers, provides a synopsis of music therapy’s development as a profession. One of the features of this book is the presentation of the relationship between theoretical, philosophical, clinical, and professional aspects of music therapy as well as the chronological development of these aspects. Another important point of the book is Byers’ search for a unified theory, which would explain the profession in its entirety. This book review is written by a Japanese music therapist from a different cultural background to the author, and the reviewer concludes that this book will be useful for music therapists all over the world to understand the field’s development and its rich diversity.



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