Call for Papers: Special Issue on Language and Power in Music Therapy

This is a call for submissions to Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy to explore the topic of language and power in music therapy. (See below for Japanese call. Other languages available under the languages tab)

Language and power are complex and dynamic notions with different meanings for different people in different contexts. The topic of power and language in music therapy theory and practice includes, but is not limited to, subtopics, for example:

i) Consequences of the dominance of the English language and consequently of Western World/Global North publications in the field of music therapy 

ii)  The potentialdominance of spoken language over all the other ways people communicate.

iii)  How language is used to describe musical and other non-verbal processes, and what might be missed

iv) The (often ableist) terminology we use to describe people, processes and outcomes in music therapy, and the power relations related to this 

v) The language that is used to describe and legitimize practice and research within and outside the field of music therapy and the challenges related to this

vi) How language takes part in sustaining power relationships

Notably, language is not just a resource for description, but also for domination, struggle, and communication. With this special issue, we therefore hope to illuminate questions such as: “Whose knowledge and whose voices are (or aren’t) being heard and seen in music therapy and how?” We welcome submissions using various forms of communication, including poems, drawings, photos, videos, and written academic accounts. If you have other ideas of how you would like to communicate your ideas, please ask – we will probably say yes. Contributions could address any parts of the topic, including parts we haven’t listed. They could include theoretical explorations, reflective essays, arts-based responses and case studies.

We welcome submissions from people with any kind of practical experience of music therapy, including participating in it, facilitating it, or working with people who facilitate it, as well as people with theoretical interest in the topic of language and power in music therapy.

We encourage all authors to write in their preferred language and to use translation apps such as or if needed. We can review in Brazilian Portuguese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, and we ask you to provide a translation in one of these languages. We expect to publish in the author’s preferred language and at least one other language of their choice.

Authors should use the online submission system for the journal ( Please contact us if you experience any accessibility issues. When uploading the paper, authors should choose the special issue option from the relevant menu. Papers submitted will be sent to the special issue Guest Editors for peer review and feedback.

Title and Abstract of proposed paper: Submitted by July 31, 2021

Submissions will receive notification of acceptance or declination: August 31, 2021

Submission of Paper for review: prior to November 30, 2021

Publication of the Special Issue: November 2022

Note that the call for papers is available in several languages.

Inquiries about this Special Issue can be directed to Maren Metell, Hiroko Miyake, Alyssa Hillary Zisk and Andrew Dell’Antonio at






  1. 音楽療法の分野で、英語という言語や、西欧・北半球の国々の出版物が主流であることは、どんな結果をもたらしているか
  2. 音声言語の持つ支配的な力が、それ以外の方法でコミュニケーションする人々より優位にあること
  • 音楽的なプロセス・その他の非言語的プロセスを記述する際に、言語はどのように使われているか、そして何が失われているか
  1. 音楽療法における人々・プロセス・結果を記述するために使われる(しばしば能力主義的な)専門用語について、そしてそれが伴う力関係について
  2. 音楽療法の領域の内部や外部で行われる実践・研究を、記述したり正当化したりするべく使われる言語について、そしてそれが私たちに挑戦してくるものや、それに対して私たちが挑戦することについて
  3. 力関係を維持するために、言語はどのような役割を果たしているのか








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特集号の発行 2022年11月


この特集号に関するお問い合わせは、特集号の編集者Maren Metell,三宅博子,Alyssa Hillary Zisk,Andrew Dell'Antonioまでお願いします。

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