Call for Papers: Special Issue on Queering Music Therapy

Guest Editors Candice Bain (USA) & Maevon Gumble (USA)

This is a call for submissions to Voices in order to advance this emerging dialogue on queering music therapy. This special issue seeks to queer academic scholarship by encouraging authors to not only explore what it would mean to queer music therapy but to engage in anti-oppressive writing and research practices, emphasize participatory action, collaborate with the communities we support, and amplify narratives that have not been attended to. Those who aim to queer music therapy are invited to submit various modes of scholarly expression, including but not limited to academic papers, arts-based research, etc. for a special issue of Voices to be published in November, 2019.

Queer theory is a post-structuralist critical theory that destabilizes sexuality and gender categories and challenges the concept of normal, fixed, and binary identities. This approach to understanding identities has evolved into a verb, “queering,” to encapsulate an action or method of challenging a range of systems of oppression. Literature on the application of queer theory to the field of music therapy is developing, particularly the expansion of queer theory to identities beyond sexuality and gender in the clinical space. For example, how does queer theory apply to music therapy with clients of multiple, intersecting marginalized identities, such as those who are disabled, ethnic minorities, etc. How do we move beyond fixed categories, attend to intersectionality, and resist the pathologization of those we work with? Ultimately, queer theory offers opportunities to push us in new directions for how we understand therapists, therapy participants, the therapeutic relationship, and radically inclusive practice.

See Guidelines for Voices submissions. Authors should use the online submission system for the journal.

When uploading the paper authors should choose the special issue option from the relevant menu. Papers submitted will be sent to the Guest Editors for the special issue for peer review and feedback.

 Title and Abstract of proposed paper: Submitted by January 1, 2019

Submission of Paper for review: prior to May 31, 2019

Final decision about inclusion in the journal: September 15, 2019

 Inquiries about this Special Issue can be directed to Candice Bain and Maevon Gumble at


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