Fortnightly Columns

From autumn 2013 we do longer update the Fortnightly Columns. Instead our editors will publish papers in the journal Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy.

Voices editors

Country of the Month

In the series of Country of the Month you can explore the status of music therapy throughout the world. If you want to share a report from your country contact our Country of Month Editors

The most recent contribution:

Cymru (Wales): Land of Song by Liz Coombes & Melissa Elliott

Since the 19th century this epithet has characterised Wales. The "Tonic sol-fa" movement meant that thousands of singers were able to read musical notes and participate in part-singing, and choirs sprang up all over Wales. The ancient tradition of the eisteddfod, an arena in which poets would compete in poetic disputes with their peers, was reinvented during the 19th century. In this cultural renaissance music became a prominent force, and today instrumentalists, singers and choirs still take part in competitions in the medium of Welsh to test their skills before their peers and audiences...