Vol 17, No 3 (2017)

Performing Health, Identity, and Social Justice

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v17i3

Table of Contents


Creating, Providing, and Performing Space HTML XML PDF
Michael Viega
We’re Forever Grateful, Dear Big Sister HTML XML PDF
Brynjulf Stige, Katrina McFerran, Susan Hadley

Exploring the Spaces Between Performance and Health

Rendering Beyond_words in Transitioning to Motherhood Through Visual and Dramatic Arts HTML XML PDF
Victoria Scotti, Nancy Gerber
Performing Wellness: Playing in the Spaces Between Music Therapy and Music Performance Improvisation Practices HTML XML PDF
Deborah Seabrook
The Arts Therapist in Public: The Dichotomy of Clinical and Performative Improvising HTML XML PDF
Nicky Haire, Becky White, Philippa Derrington

Creating Space for Sharing Identities

Exploring Identity: If Your Soul Could Speak, What Would She Say? HTML XML PDF
Debra Jelinek Gombert
Singing my way to Social Justice HTML XML PDF
Karan Casey
“The Lines Between Us”: Exploring the Identity of the Community Musician Through an Arts Practice Research Approach HTML XML PDF
Kathleen Turner

Creating Space for Cultural and Religious Dialogues

The Saz as a Mode of Understanding Alevism HTML XML PDF
Iris Sibel Muradoglu
The Irish World Music Café: Performing and Recording as Tools for Sustainable Social Integration HTML XML PDF
Helen Phelan, Julianne Hennelly, Dominic Chappell, Andrew Nathan Roberts
“Passion, Lament, Glory”: Baroque Music and Modern Social Justice Resonances HTML XML PDF
Jane W. Davidson

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