Vol 15, No 3 (2015)

Special Issue on Medical Ethnomusicology and Music Therapy

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v15i3

Table of Contents


Collaborating Together: Finding the Emergent and Disruptive In and Between the Fields of Music Therapy and Medical Ethnomusicology HTML
Jane Edwards, Gregory F. Melchor-Barz, Bussakorn Binson

Invited Submission - Special Issue

Balance Between the Worlds: A Conversation with Dr. Richard Vedan HTML
Carolyn B Kenny
A Triple Insider's Take on Arts Therapy, Arts-based Community Development, and Huntington's Disease HTML
Brian Schrag
Muti Music - In search of suspicion HTML
Mercédès Pavlicevic, Charlotte Cripps
Constructing a Two-Way Street: An Argument for Interdisciplinary Collaboration through an Ethnomusicological Examination of Music Therapy, Medical Ethnomusicology, and Williams Syndrome HTML
Alexandria Heaton Carrico
Medical Ethnomusicology: Wherein Lies Its Potential? HTML
Amanda Elaine Daly Berman
Music Therapy and Medical Ethnomusicology: Distinctive and Connected HTML
Jane Edwards, Oonagh MacMahon
Music Healing Rituals in Thailand HTML
Bussakorn Binson
Performing Baadinyaa: Music, Emotion, and Health in The Gambia HTML
Bonnie B. McConnell
The More We Are Together, The Happier We Are: Peer Music in Mental Health Treatment in Zimbabwe HTML
Jeffrey Robert Angell, Ruth Verhey
Rebetika and Catharsis: Cultural Practice as Crisis Management HTML
Yona Stamatis
Creative Pansori: A New Korean Approach in Music Therapy. HTML
Hyunju Kim, Wolfgang Mastnak

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