Vol 14, No 3 (2014)

Special Issue on Music Therapy and Disability Studies

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v14i3


Table of Contents


Shifting Frames: Are We Really Embracing Human Diversities? HTML
Susan J Hadley
Call for Papers: Special Issue on Medical Ethnomusicology and Music Therapy HTML PDF
Jane Edwards, Gregory Barz, Busskorn Binson

Invited Submission - Special Issue

Destabilizing Bodies, Destabilizing Disciplines: Practicing Liminality in Music Therapy HTML
Cindy LaCom, Rachel Reed
"But You Don’t Look Sick": Dismodernism, Disability Studies and Music Therapy on Invisible Illness and the Unstable Body HTML
Samantha Bassler
The Competent Client and the Complexity of Dis-ability HTML
Randi Rolvsjord
The Relevance of Disability Perspectives in Music Therapy Practice with Children and Young People who have Intellectual Disability HTML
Daphne Joan Rickson
Music Therapy and Autism: A View from Disability Studies HTML
Joseph Straus
Ethnomusicological Perspectives on Autism, Neurodiversity, and Music Therapy HTML
Michael B. Bakan
"Music... to Cure or Disable:" Therapy for Whom? HTML
Stefan Honisch
Does Disability Studies have Anything to Say to Music Therapy? And Would Music Therapy Listen if it Did? HTML
Colin Alasdair Cameron
Dis/Abling Musicking: Reflections on a Disability Studies Perspective in Music Therapy. HTML
Maren Metell
Bio-political Perspectives on the Expression of People with Disabilities in Music Therapy: Case Examples HTML HTML (日本語)
Hiroko Miyake

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