Vol 12, No 2 (2012)

Including a Special Section Commemorating Clive Robbins (1927-2011)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v12i2

Table of Contents


Diversity, Identity, Transformation HTML
Cheryl Dileo
All of the Time, For a Very Long Time: Our Thanks to Barbara Wheeler HTML
Carolyn Kenny, Brynjulf Stige

Research Voices

Arts-Based Practices in Regions Affected By War HTML
Alpha M Woodward
Music Therapy Students’ Experiences of Interactions with Young Clients During Fieldwork Placements HTML
Elvie Miller

Original Voices

The History and Basic Tenets of Anthroposophical Music Therapy HTML
Andrea Intveen, Jane Edwards
Personal Reflections on working as a Music Therapist, Music Therapy Groups and Music Making HTML
Becky White
A Preliminary Bibliographical Guide to Doctoral Theses on Music in Nigeria (1990 – 2010) HTML
Charles Onomudo Aluede
Exploration and Application of Dissolution Approaches for Belief Conflicts in Music Therapy HTML
Masako Otera

World Congresses of Music Therapy

Introduction to the Interview on the 10th World Congress of Music Therapy HTML
Barbara Wheeler
10th World Congress of Music Therapy: Interview with Nigel Hartley, Leslie Bunt, Gary Ansdell and Denize Christophers HTML
Barbara L Wheeler
Interview with Suzanne Hanser, WFMT President, 2002-2005 HTML
Barbara L. Wheeler
Memories from the 10th World Congress of Music Therapy HTML
Brian Abrams, Diane Austin, Ruth Bright, Jennifer Dixon, Jane Edwards, Lia Rejane Mendes Barcellos, Nicole Rivera, Jacqueline Robarts, Deborah Salmon, Barbara Wheeler, Claudia Zanini

Special Section: In Memory of Clive Robbins (1927-2011)

"In the Spirit": Invited Editorial HTML
Kenneth Aigen
So Far-So Close: Remembering Clive Robbins: Invited Editorial HTML
Simon Gilbertson
Clive's Adventure HTML
Gary Ansdell
Lifelong, Through the Years, An Intensifying Friendship HTML
Johannes Th. Eschen
Clive Robbins – a Global Perspective HTML
Denise Grocke
Memories of Clive HTML
Barbara Hesser
Personal Memories of Clive Robbins and His Role in the Development of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Australia HTML
Robin Howat
“The Singing Will Never Be Done” In Memory of Clive Robbins HTML
Colin Andrew Lee
Thinking of Clive Robbins: A Tribute to the Founder, Teacher, Researcher, Colleague, Friend and Cosmopolitan HTML
Lutz Neugebauer
Clive’s First and Last Trip to Norway—And Something Between and After HTML
Tom Næss
A Man Full of Spirit, Love and Music: Remembering Clive Robbins HTML
Kana Okazaki-Sakaue
Thank you, Clive HTML
Alan Turry

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