Vol 12, No 1 (2012)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v12i1

Table of Contents


The Personal is Professional: In Memory of Clive Robbins HTML
Brynjulf Stige

Research Voices

The Timelessness of Arts-Based Research: Looking Back Upon A Heuristic Self-Study and the Arts-Based Reflexivity Data Analysis Method HTML
Amanda Rose Schenstead

Original Voices

“The Presentation”: an intensive arts-based rite of passage adapted for the training of Music Therapists. HTML
Rosemary Julea Faire
Thanks to Scandinavia - Creating a Symphony of Global Music Therapy HTML
Britta Vinkler Frederiksen, Sunniva Ulstein Kayser
What Do Music Therapists Need to Know Before the Disaster Strikes? HTML
Masako Otera
An Interview with Lisa Summer: Discussing GIM and its adaptations HTML
Erin Anne Montgomery
Anger, Joy and Hope: Reflections of a Revolutionary. An Interview with Nigel Osborne. HTML
Alpha Woodward

World Congresses of Music Therapy

Introduction to the 9th World Congress of Music Therapy, Washington, 1999 HTML
Barbara L. Wheeler
9th World Congress of Music Therapy: Interview with Mary Adamek, Kenneth Aigen and Al Bumanis HTML
Barbara Wheeler
Interview with Tony Wigram, WFMT President 1996-1999 HTML
Denise Grocke
Interview with Denise Grocke, WFMT President, 1999-2002 HTML
Barbara Wheeler
Five International Models of Music Therapy Practice HTML
Barbara L. Wheeler, Gabriela Wagner, Lisa Summer, Clifford Madsen, Alan Turry, Johannes Th. Eschen
Memories from the 9th World Congress of Music Therapy HTML
Ruth Bright, Debbie Carroll, Jim Couture, Cheryl Dileo, Suzanne Hanser, Lora Heller, Carolyn Kenny, David Knott, Anne Lipe, Terra Merrill, Ellen Rayfield, Brynjulf Stige, Susan Summers, Dale Taylor, Barbara Wheeler, Nadine Wobus, Alpha Woodward, Thomas Wosch
Symposium on Education and Training, World Congress of Music Therapy HTML
Barbara Wheeler, Denise Grocke

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