Vol 11, No 3 (2011)

Including a Special Section Commemorating Tony Wigram (1953-2011)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v11i3

Table of Contents


The Culture of Music Therapy HTML
Carolyn Kenny


New Horizons: Graduate Music Therapy Studies in Québec, Canada HTML
Sandi Curtis


Action / Relationship / Communication: A Music Therapy Method for Schizophrenia HTML
Clarice Moura Costa, Martha Negreiros-Vianna
Theoretical Considerations of Bio-guided Music Therapy HTML
Eric B Miller

Research Articles

The Effects of Music Listening with Play on Preference, Recognition of the Main Melody and Musical Creativity in Elementary School Students HTML
Eunyoung Hwang
A Large Generation Gap Must be Taken into Account in the Consideration of the Effects of Music Therapy in Japan English HTML Japanese HTML
Kenichi Matunami


Using reflexive tools for coping and bringing closure in pediatric palliative care: A music therapist’s story of working with a terminally ill child. HTML
Maeve Rigney


Voices Welcomes Interviews HTML
Krzysztof Stachyra
“The Silence is a Part of Music Therapy…": An Interview with Stefano Navone From Italy HTML
Krzysztof Stachyra
Introduction to the International Congresses in Zagreb, Croatia HTML
Barbara L. Wheeler
International Symposiums on Music Therapy in Zagreb 1970-2010: Interview with Darko Breitenfeld HTML
Serafina Poch

Special Section: In Memory of Tony Wigram (1953-2011)

Introduction to the Special Section Commemorating Tony Wigram HTML
Cheryl Dileo, Lars Ole Bonde, Denise Grocke
Memories of Tony Wigram: His Early Career HTML
Helen Odell-Miller
"An Englisman in Denmark": What I have learned from Dansk musikterapi [Danish music therapy] PDF
Tony Wigram
Tony Wigram - The Early Years: Interview with Tony Wigram January 12th 2011 HTML
Lars Ole Bonde, Inge Nygaard Pedersen
Professor Tony Wigram: Collaborator and Innovator HTML
Denise Grocke
Tony Wigram: An appreciation from the last EMTC Past President to the first Past President HTML
Jos De Backer
Tony Wigram’s Role in the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC) HTML
Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre, Gro Trondalen
Tony Wigram as Research Supervisor HTML
Cochavit Elefant, Felicity Baker
Tony Wigram’s Work and Influence in Denmark HTML
Inge Nygaard Pedersen
Tony Wigram’s Contributions to the Assessment of Children with Autism and Multiple Disabilities HTML
Ulla Holck, Stine L. Jacobsen
Tony Wigram’s Contributions to Research HTML
Christian Gold
Postgraduate Training in Music Therapy Research in Aalborg University: An International Enterprise HTML
Lars Ole Bonde
The Religion of Evidence Based Practice: Helpful or Harmful to Music Therapy? HTML
Tony Wigram
Tony Wigram: Bibliography 1992-2011 HTML
Lars Ole Bonde

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