Vol 10, No 2 (2010)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v10i2

Table of Contents


Helen Bonny HTML
Carolyn Kenny, Barbara Hesser
Voices Welcomes Interviews HTML
Krystof Stachyra

Theoretical Articles

The Field of Play in music therapy education HTML
Debbie Carroll

Research Articles

The Effects of Group Musical Activity on Psychiatric Patients in India. html
Katrina Rumball


Finding power and privilege as a violinist and music therapist HTML
Naoko Matsumura McKee

Perspectives on Practice

Music Therapy and Eating Disorders- A Single Case Study about the Sound of Human Needs HTML
Susanne Bauer


All Things Must Pass: Utilizing Music Therapy in the Transition of a Dying Loved One HTML
Jacob Beck


Interview with Margaret Daniell HTML
Ruth Bright
Music Therapy in Canada: An Interview with Susan Summers HTML
Guylaine Vaillancourt

World Congresses of Music Therapy

6th World Congress of Music Therapy, Rio de Janeiro, 1990 HTML
Barbara Wheeler
Recollections of the 6th Music Therapy World Congress from the Chair of the Scientific Committee HTML
Lia Rejane Mendes Barcellos
Interview with Ruth Bright, reflections on President of WFMT HTML
Denise Grocke
Memories from VI World Congress of Music Therapy, Rio de Janeiro, 1990 HTML
Leslie Bunt, Ruth Bright, Isabelle Frohne-Hagemann, Joseph Moreno, Even Ruud, Gabriela Wagner

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