Vol 11, No 1 (2011)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15845/voices.v11i1

Table of Contents


A Few Miles and an Ocean HTML
Brynjulf Stige


Can Music Therapy be an answer to the terrorist question? - A Singaporean Music Therapist’s Perspective HTML
Wang Feng Ng
Writing Music Therapy HTML
Mary Helena Rykov


An interview with Dr Diane Austin HTML
Patricia Preston-Roberts
Voices Welcomes Interviews HTML
Kris Stachyra
An Interview with Jim Borling Japanese HTML English HTML
Yumiko Sato

Perspectives on Practice

Project Bethlehem - Training Educators and Health Workers in the Therapeutic Use of Music in the West Bank HTML
Elizabeth Coombes
Performance in Music Therapy: Experiences in Five Dimensions HTML
Peter F. Jampel
Music Therapy with Young People in Schools: After the Black Saturday Fires HTML
Katrina McFerran, Kate Teggelove
Having another look at cerebral palsy: Current definitions and classification systems HTML
Mary Rainey Perry
Creating an Apprenticeship Music Therapy Model Through Arts-Based Research HTML
Guylaine Vaillancourt


The Peace Train HTML
Sharon Katz

Theoretical Articles

Anatomy of a Musical Being: A Music Systems Theory of Music Therapy HTML
Paul J. L. Lauzon

World Congresses of Music Therapy

Introduction to the Interview for the VII World Congress of Music Therapy HTML
Barbara L. Wheeler
Interview with Patxi del Campo San Vicente HTML
Barbara L. Wheeler
Interview with Cheryl Dileo – Third President, WFMT HTML
Denise Elizabeth Grocke
Memories from VII World Congress of Music Therapy, Vitoria Gasteiz, 1993 HTML
Heidi Ahonen, Diane Austin, Ruth Bright, Leslie Bunt, Ginger Clarkson, Janice Dvorkin, Jane Eisler, Suzanne B. Hanser, Sarah Hoskyns, Joanne Loewy, Joseph Moreno, Helen Odell-Miller, Serafina Poch, Jackie Robarts, Clive Robbins, Patricia L. Sabbatella, Marilyn Sandness, Alan Turry, Gabriela Wagner, Auriel Warwick, Barbara L. Wheeler
Pre-congress Seminar: The Musical Construction of Reality in Music-therapy HTML
Isabelle Frohne-Hagemann

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