Music Therapy as a Treatment for a Woman Victim of Sexual and Psychological Abuse

A Case Study


  • Anna Giménez-Castells Associated Group for Health Services, Spain
  • Jordi A. Jauset-Berrocal Catalan Academy of Music, Spain
  • Eduard Casas-Bertet Associated Group for Health Services, Spain



sexual abuse; gender violence; music therapy; psychological abuse; case study


The main objective of this article is to describe the process of improving the quality of life of a middle-aged woman who states that she suffered sexual abuse in childhood, by a close relative, and psychological abuse in her youth by her ex-spouse. Through a process of music therapy over a period of one year (September 2020 to September 2021), the person is helped to channel states of anxiety, and feelings of loneliness and low selfesteem, caused by the traumas experienced during their childhood and youth. For the study, the Rosenberg self-esteem scale (EAR), the Hamilton anxiety scale (HAS), and the loneliness scales from the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) were used.

Author Biographies

Anna Giménez-Castells, Associated Group for Health Services, Spain

Anna Giménez-Castells MTAE (music therapist accredited in Spain), trainee BMGIM (Bonny Method Guided Imagery and Music) in Atlantis Institute, musician and music teacher. Her work as a music therapist is focused on mental health disorders and mental disabilities. Music therapist in projects carried out by the GASS association (Group Associated for Health Services). She is interested in both practice and research in music therapy.

Jordi A. Jauset-Berrocal, Catalan Academy of Music, Spain

Dr. Jordi A. Jauset Berrocal is a doctor in communication, engineer and musician, and is accredited as researcher by the Catalan and Spanish quality agencies. He has a master’s degree, among others, in Psychobiology and cognitive neuroscience. He has been a professor for several years in various music therapy masters’ programs on topics related to sound, psychology of music, neurobiology and research. He directs the online Neuromusic master’s program, accredited by the Catholic University of Murcia and managed by Nus Agency. He coordinates the “music and neuroscience” study group of the Catalan Academy of Music. He is a lecturer and scientific communicator. He has published more than 50 articles in academic and informative journals, as well as 14 books. The last one, named “Neuromusic. The transformative power of music” will be launched next February 2024, and is prefaced by Dr. Eckart Altenmüller, renowned musician and neurologist researcher.

Eduard Casas-Bertet, Associated Group for Health Services, Spain

Eduard Casas Bertet, social educator specialized in Substance Use Disorders (addictions). Since 1998, he has chaired the GASS (Associated Group for Health Services), from which he has incorporated music therapy programs in the social field for 10 years, promoting their research. He is an internship tutor for the master’s degree in drug addiction at the University of Barcelona. He has trained in humanistic integrated psychotherapy at the Erich Fromm Institute in Barcelona.

Photo of authors Castells, Berrocal and Bertet



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Giménez-Castells, A., Jauset-Berrocal, J. A., & Casas-Bertet, E. (2023). Music Therapy as a Treatment for a Woman Victim of Sexual and Psychological Abuse: A Case Study. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 23(3).