Engaging 'Respect for Persons' in Music Therapy





person, respect, code of ethics, agency, consciousness, mutuality


The goal of this article is to bring clarity to the notion of ‘respect for persons’ and to outline possible applications for the clinical music therapist. An argument is made that we can build understanding about respect for persons by raising a series of pertinent questions, beginning with, 1) How does a clinical Code of Ethics deal with respect for persons? 2) What do I mean when I call someone a ‘Person’? 3) What are key issues concerning personhood? 4) What do we mean when we ‘respect a person’? 5) What are some implications of ‘respect for persons’ in clinical music therapy? and importantly, 6) How do I understand respect from the client’s point of view?

Author Biography

Paul Laurent Lauzon, Acadia University

Paul Laurent Lauzon is the founding Professor of the Acadia University Music Therapy Program. In his 40+ years as a music therapist he has sustained an abiding curiosity as to why music is effective as therapy. He writes, records, and performs his original songs.

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Lauzon, P. L. (2022). Engaging ’Respect for Persons’ in Music Therapy. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 22(2). https://doi.org/10.15845/voices.v22i2.3317