The Timelessness of Arts-Based Research: Looking Back Upon A Heuristic Self-Study and the Arts-Based Reflexivity Data Analysis Method


  • Amanda Rose Schenstead



arts-based research, performative inquiry, heuristic


This theoretical article explores the author's experience of a heuristic, arts-based self-study with focus on the data analysis method that was utilized in this project and its continual development.  The author refers to this method as arts-based reflexivity.  A historical review of arts-based and heuristic research will be provided to give context and theoretical background to support the development and use of arts-based reflexivity.  This systematic method of analysing artistic data encourages the researcher to ask various questions to him/herself and interact with the data by creating intuitive art forms as responses to internal dialogue and feelings.  A template will be offered for researchers to explore and utilize for their own projects and processes.  The components of arts-based reflexivity will be explored using examples from the author's graduate research project as well as recent reflections upon the topic: "What is My Artistic Centre?", an adapted short form performance piece which illustrates the steps and potential self-knowledge which can be gain through the arts-based reflexivity method.

Author Biography

Amanda Rose Schenstead

Amanda Schenstead graduated with a Master of Music Therapy degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in October 2009.  She has had clinical experience working with a variety of client populations including children with global developmental delay, autism, and Down syndrome, adult mental health, as well as adult palliative and complex care.  After completing an internship at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Regina Saskatchewan, she continued to work at this facility in the Veterans and Extended Care programs.  Amanda currently works as a music therapist in Palliative Care with the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region providing care to patients in Regina Wascana Grace Hospice, Unit 3A at the Pasqua Hospital, and the Palliative Home Care Program.  Amanda has a great interest in arts based research and has presented her major research project: "Performing Musical Liberation" at both national and international conferences.  She is also interested in researching therapeutic flute techniques specific to palliative care.  In addition to a music therapy degree, Amanda also holds a Bachelor Degree in Music from Brandon University with a Major in Flute Performance and Minors in English and Theatre.  In her spare time, she acts with Regina Little Theatre Company.




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Schenstead, A. R. (2012). The Timelessness of Arts-Based Research: Looking Back Upon A Heuristic Self-Study and the Arts-Based Reflexivity Data Analysis Method. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 12(1).



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