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“I love music therapy more today than I ever have,” says Jim Borling, who has been a music therapist for over 30 years and teaching music therapy for 28 years at Radford University.  How has he kept his passion for music therapy for so long?  I’ve never had the chance to ask him that question – until now.

Author Biography

Yumiko Sato, Music Therapy Services

Yumiko Sato (MA, MT-BC) is a board certified music therapist, specializing in hospice and palliative care music therapy. She has worked with patients and families at Hospice of Cincinnati since she began her work at Music Therapy Services in 2003.  In her work there she uses the harp, guitar, Native American flute, piano, and her voice.  Yumi has previously published articles on music therapy in Voices, and her current research on “Musical Life Review in Hospice” is scheduled for publication in Music Therapy Perspectives. In addition to published research, Yumi has presented her work at regional and national conferences. Locally she has given workshops on topics ranging from drumming for wellness to music and spirituality.  Originally from Tokyo, Yumi studied at Davis & Elkins College and Radford University and is particularly interested in multicultural issues in hospice music therapy. 



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