Guided Imagery and Music Bibliography and GIM/Related Literature Refworks Database

By Lars Ole Bonde


Guided Imagery and Music Bibliography

This bibliography contains selected literature related to the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). The literature includes articles, books, book chapters, unpublished dissertations, masters theses and manuscripts (the latter, mostly “final projects” from GIM training, included in the Bonny Archives at Temple University, unless indicated otherwise), reports, discographies, audio tapes, videos etc. The field is narrowly defined. This means that the bibliography only includes GIM titles; it does not include relevant titles from psychotherapy and imagery theory, symbol dictionaries etc. (The bibliography is based on the RefWorksdatabase – see below. In this database you will also find related literature).

This version of the bibliography is made for this special issue of Voices honouring the legacy of Helen Lindquist Bonny, who created Guided Imagery and Music. Therefore it is not annotated; that would be too comprehensive. The latest annotated version of the database was published in 2008. I think that today it makes more sense to make regular updates of author-date bibliographies and leave annotations as well as systematic edition to the databases with their user-friendly search facilities.

For clarity I have divided the GIM bibliography into three sections:

  1. Books, discographies, bibliographies, and published reports,
  2. unpublished dissertations and manuscripts, and
  3. articles in journals and chapters in books.

The GIM bibliography can be found in the Guided Imagery and Music Resource Center at Aalborg University:

Guided Imagery and Music. The Bonny Method and related Topics. A Bibliography. (pdf, latest update: September 2010)

Guided Imagery and Music/Related Works Database

The RefWorks Database: Guided Imagery and Music Literature, is accessible in the RefShare area on the server of Aalborg University library:

The RefWorks Database: Guided Imagery and Music Literature

This database includes all GIM titles from the bibliography (most of them with abstracts and other information), as well as relevant titles from psychotherapy and imagery theory, symbol dictionaries, etc.