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Author Biographies

Lisa Summer, Anna Maria College

Lisa Summer, PhD, LMHC, MT-BC, FAMI, directs the undergraduate music therapy program and a graduate certificate program in GIM at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts. Conducting GIM trainings and seminars throughout the world, from Scandinavia to Asia, she endeavors to assist music therapists to develop more music-centered practices through the examination of the personal transference relationship with music. As Helen Bonny’s student at the Institute for Consciousness and Music in the 1970’s and the coordinator of her GIM Program at the Bonny Foundation from 1988-1997, Lisa edited Helen Bonny’s seminal publications and lectures, for Music and Consciousness: The Evolution of Guided Imagery and Music and recently wrote the Helen Lindquist Bonny dictionary entry for the New Grove Dictionary of American Music. Summer’s articles and book chapters chronicle her use of GIM and its adaptations in her music psychotherapy practice in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands with adults with anxiety, mood, and addiction disorders. With her husband, opera composer Joseph Summer, Lisa authored the muckraking expose, Music: The New Age Elixir (a critique of New Age music healing practices; Prometheus Books).

Carolyn Kenny, Antioch University

Carolyn Kenny, Ph.,D. MT-BC, CMT is a Professor of Human Development and Indigenous Studies and one of the founding faculty members in the Antioch University Ph.D. in Leadership and Change in the Professions. She also continues her private practice in Music Therapy in Santa Barbara, California. She serves on the Advisory Board for Music Therapy Education and Research (MUSERS), associated with the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar, Bosnia-Hercegovina ( and as Co-editor-in Chief (with Brynulf Stige) of Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. She served for many years as Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Music Therapy Journal. And also currently serves on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Music Therapy. She contributes as a Book Reviewer on a regular basis to The Arts in Psychotherapy. She has published extensively in both Music Therapy and Indigenous Studies. Her most current pubication is A Holistic Approach to Aboriginal Policy Research, published in French and English by the Status of Women Canada. This text can be downloaded from the following link:




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