Editorial Announcement: We are expanding our team

Voices is an open access, online music therapy forum that was created in 2001 to centralise the values of inclusion and diversity in a music therapy journal, particularly in relation to culture and social justice. The editorial team is committed to developing an egalitarian and interdisciplinary forum so that multiple voices can be heard, and although we value critical thinking and awareness, a range of articles are published from diverse perspectives.

The Voices editorial team currently comprises three lead editors and a senior copy editor. There are also 10 article editors, two wiki editors, translators of six languages, plus a large group of reviewers. All of these people offer their time on a voluntary basis. Our team is supported by a managing editor from NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. The University of Bergen supports the production of the journal.

We publish three editions a year, with between 5 and 20 articles in each across a range of genres including research, position papers, reports, case stories, reviews, reflections on practice, interviews, and more. The refereed journal articles are reviewed using the standard fully anonymised review system, with reviewers’ names being made transparent when the article is accepted for publication. One edition each year is dedicated to a special issue, most recently:

Queering Music Therapy, Music Therapy and Child Welfare, and Performing Health Identity and Social Justice.

In 2020, we are expanding our team to create additional positions of responsibility as well as to replace current positions that are opening up. Therefore, we are inviting applications for the following roles:

  • Lead Editor (Standard Editions)
  • Copy Editor
  • Communications Editor

The lead editor has a number of responsibilities for leadership of standard editions, in addition to some responsibilities for article editing and team management. These include coordination of the many activities involved in the journal, such as article distribution, translations, reviewing processes, and liaison.

The copy editor plays a critical role in ensuring that articles are ready for publication, in partnership with the Managing Editor. This includes liaison with authors to refine the final manuscript, with particular attention to language issues such as non-binary language, nonableist language, and authorship when English is not a first language.

The communications editor will be responsible for maintaining a current reviewer pool, communication both within the team as well as maintaining presence on social media, at relevant public and disciplinary forums, and with other stakeholders.

To apply, please send a copy of your CV and a statement of interest that demonstrates your connection to our vision and values to Hilde Kjerland, our managing editor. Her email address is: hilde.kjerland@norceresearch.no

Successful applicants will need to demonstrate a strong track record as author of refereed publications, as well as previous experience as a review. Experience as an editor is an advantage, but not a requirement. We welcome applications until the end of May.

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