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Vol 18, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents


Moments and Open Doors: A Tribute to Mercédès Pavlicevic PDF HTML
Brynjulf Stige

Tributes to Mércèdes Pavlicevic

Commemorating Mércèdes Pavlicevic PDF HTML
Kobie Temmingh Swart, Sunelle Fouché
Mercédès' Endeavour PDF HTML
Gary Ansdell


Implementation of Music Therapy at a Norwegian Children’s Hospital: A Focused Ethnographic Study PDF HTML
Fredrik Berntsen Due, Claire M. Ghetti
Songwriting and Human Shadow: Heuristic Inquiry Grounded in Art PDF HTML
Haley Fox
The Perception and Practice of Community Music Therapy in Ireland PDF HTML
Leah Murphy
Reconstructing the Boundaries of Dementia: Clinical Improvisation as a Musically Mindful Experience in Long Term Care PDF HTML
Joanna Parsons
A Systematic Review of Unpublished and Non-Refereed Music Therapy Mental Health Papers Found via Google Scholar PDF HTML
Melody R Peterson, Michael J Silverman

Position Papers

Music Technology and the Hip Hop Beat Making Tradition: A History and Typology of Equipment for Music Therapy PDF HTML
Alexander Hew Dale Crooke

Reflections on Practice

Multicultural Experiential Learning: An Approach to Learning, Developing, and Maintaining Multicultural Skills PDF HTML
Jessica Donley

Book Reviews and Book Essays

Book Review: Clinical Training Guide for the Student Music Therapist (2nd edition) PDF HTML
Janelle Chambers

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